Making a Plan Today is the Best Plan for the Future

Pre-Need Planning for cemetery property is something we encourage all families to consider.

By planning ahead, you know you’ll be cared for in accordance with your wishes and desires. It’s a good time for your spouse and your family understand your wishes, instead of guessing what you would have wanted (all while under a great deal of stress). And you can decide together where your final resting place will be and design your own memorial tablet or plate. You can also make plans for a space that keeps all the family together in an enduring memorial.

Knowing that your decisions will be honored, that your family will know exactly what you want when the time comes, and removing any financial hardship at that difficult moment, there is no greater peace-of-mind.

All these are the emotional reasons to do preplanning, but don’t overlook the common-sense art of taking care of arrangements right now.

  • The best decisions are made at a time when there is no stress, pressure or guilt
  • You’ll have a greater selection of prime locations, since they may not be available later.
  • You can lock in today’s prices — as prices always increase over time.
  • We offer pre-developed discounts on properties still under construction.
  • You can take advantage of affordable payment plans.
  • We offer very competitive interest rates.
  • Enjoy a 12-month interest-free period (when account is kept current).

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